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Company Name: Shanghai Bao Dai Machinery Co.
Sales calls:86-21-60531688/15618220511
After-Sales Service Tel:68-21-60531377
Address: Industrious road no. 8 pujiang town, minhang district of Shanghai

 1 . Product quality in line with the demand side, the technical requirements of the project validation and GMP standards .

2 . Product warranty period ( free demand side qualified factory site commissioning date ) for a period of one year, lifetime maintenance.

3 . If the user improper operation or accident caused by damage or faulty equipment , our company must actively cooperate to normal production .

4 . The two sides signed the contract , the supplier often keep in close touch with the demand side , to equipment manufacturers to complete . Supply side to the demand side, with overall responsibility for commissioning the plant site free training and a series of work to put into normal production.

5. For parties in the production process can not be excluded a sudden failure of the company after receiving the notice to come to help deal with the fastest speed , the responsibility to do everything to ensure long-term investment in demand-side with the normal operation of the plant .

6. The Company at any time to provide users with all the necessary accessories , do all kinds of after-sales service and technical advisory guidance.

7 . Problems with equipment and technical personnel to the demand side, the scene within 24 hours. ( Within 48 hours outside of Shanghai )

8. Service charges:

Maintenance services during the warranty period free of charge outside the warranty period, I only charge the cost of fees , costs of replacement parts and other materials will also take appropriate incentives.

5S service concept smile (smile) - we communicated with smiles and cheerful , considerate service attitude. Swift (swift) - swift action to quickly complete repair and maintenance services. Sincerely (sincere) - a sincere attitude of sales staff is the basic principle of doing things . Dexterous (skillful) - with the working methods of the wisdom and knowledge gained extensive repair customer trust. 5 Professional (specialty) -. Always learning expertise to provide professional and quality service

Company Address : Shanghai Pujiang Town , Minhang District, industrious Road on the 8th       Tel: 15618220511

We promise : During the warranty period , the normal operation of any equipment failure and damage caused , we are responsible for the free repair , failure parts to be replaced free of charge .

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