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Company Name: Shanghai Bao Dai Machinery Co.
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After-Sales Service Tel:68-21-60531377
Address: Industrious road no. 8 pujiang town, minhang district of Shanghai
Celebrate our company won the Shanghai Institute of Mechanical centrifuge tube machine technology transfer

Xu, president of Shanghai Institute of centrifugal machinery (Professor) shake hands

Signed a transfer agreement

December 17, 2013, Shanghai Bao Dai Machinery Co., Ltd. won the Shanghai Institute of Mechanical centrifuge centrifuge tube core technology, the transfer of the production process as well as after-sales service.
Centrifugal Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in 1958, is a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai centrifugal engaged in the defense of the early scientific research and manufacture of ultra-high-speed centrifuge, now developed into a tube centrifuge most products, the full specifications of the high-tech enterprises.
Obtain the transfer of technology is to enhance the brand I wear a treasure, but also fully demonstrated the company with the production, development, sales class tubular centrifuge strength. I promise: by my company every factory and every one centrifuge components are retained, Shanghai Institute of Mechanical centrifugal original quality.


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